Executive Search for VEDC President

18 Mar 2022


As recruitment efforts are underway for our next President, please know the Board and staff at VEDC remains steadfast in our commitment to fulfilling the mission of the organization by continuing to provide economic development assistance to new and existing industrial clients. We are available to answer your questions and welcome your interest.

The President of VEDC serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the corporation and reports to the Board of Directors. The President is responsible for directing, managing, coordinating, and organizing the affairs and activities of the corporation. 

VEDC Guiding Principals:

Primary Industry Driven – VEDC will engage in activities that support job creation, business retention, and investment.

Premier Customer Engagement – VEDC upholds a standard to provide a premier customer experience through timely, accurate, relevant, and professionally prepared responses.

Collaborative Community – VEDC will create, promote, and maintain an environment that supports economic development, private investment, and public-private collaborations.

Persons interested in applying for the position may find a full profile and submission information at https://www.thenextmovegroup.com/victoria