For businesses, our region’s robust utility assets make us the ideal location for growth and expansion.

The deregulated market for energy in Texas provides companies with the opportunity to negotiate a rate for power, and a renewable credit portfolio for electricity. Natural gas users also benefit from a deregulated market and access to an abundance of product.

Companies in Texas are exempt from paying state sales and use tax on both electricity and natural gas used in manufacturing, processing, or fabricating tangible personal property.


Transmission and distribution level electric providers in the Victoria region include American Electric Power – Texas, South Texas Electric Cooperative, and the Victoria Electric Cooperative. The reliable network of infrastructure includes 69 kV, 138 kV, and 345 kV lines with grid power source derived from solar, wind, nuclear, natural gas, and coal.

Industrial, Commercial, and residential customers benefit from having access to the open retail market for energy and may have the option to join a local electric cooperative for their source of power.

American Electric Power
South Texas Electric Cooperative
Victoria Electric Cooperative


The Victoria region is rich with natural gas supplied by numerous major companies, including CenterPoint Energy, Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline, DCP Intrastate, Energy Transfer Company, and Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, among others.


Municipal water serves commercial and industrial developments within city limits. Outside the city boundary, companies have access to groundwater through onsite water wells and surface water from the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority or the Lavaca Navidad River Authority.

Desalination of brackish water from the Victoria Barge Canal is currently being studied by IDE Technologies as another source for new developments


Internet customers and consumers receive the same communication products as those in major metropolitan areas throughout Texas.  The Victoria region has established a Broadband Commission to ensure that all constituents and stakeholders within our region are serviced and supported in digital literacy, connectivity, and security.