Victoria EDC: Fostering Prosperity and Growth in Victoria, Texas

Victoria EDC: Fostering Prosperity and Growth in Victoria, Texas Main Photo

1 Nov 2023


Victoria is the regional center of more than 230,000 people in Texas. Its diversified workforce is steeped in generations of advanced manufacturers, petrochemical operators, healthcare providers, and education leaders. VEDC is a dynamic force driving these pathways of economic growth and progress in the Victoria, Texas Region. Jonas Titas, President at Victoria EDC, states, “Our officers represent the private business community. They are the driving force behind our initiatives, guiding our staff to enhance the region's appeal, thus creating a thriving and sustainable economic environment in Victoria."

Mission and Objectives

Jonas Titas explains, "Jobs are our capital. We work with employers and local government leaders to spur investment to help create and retain jobs." Their primary objectives revolve around advancing economic growth in and around Victoria.

VEDC's mission is clear: to attract businesses and investments to help stimulate job creation and bolster the local economy.

Success Stories

VEDC has a history of remarkable successes, one of which is its instrumental role in attracting a large Caterpillar manufacturing facility that produces excavators for North America. Caterpillar's presence in Victoria has created jobs and facilitated the recruitment of suppliers, fostering continued economic growth in the region.

The organization's collaboration with an Australian firm called Lynas Rare Earths Ltd. is worth noting. Calhoun County was selected as the site for the first heavy and light rare earth processing facility in the United States. This project, made possible through a Defense Production Act grant, ensures the United States' access to critical rare earth elements, reducing dependence on imports from China and other countries. Titas says, ”Through this project, we can be assured of a consistent supply chain, one that has access to critical rare earth elements for use in a multitude of military devices and high-tech components. We currently import most of our elements from China, and this project, with the final processing to be done in Calhoun County, will prove to be extremely exciting. It represents about 600 million dollars of capital investment and around 110 new, highly paid jobs.”

Furthermore, Victoria EDC has been instrumental in promoting green energy initiatives in the Texas Gulf Coast region. The organization's partnerships with companies like Acme Green Ventures and First Ammonia have led to 2 major announcements at the Port of Victoria.

A Collaborative Approach

VEDC recognizes the importance of collaboration with local stakeholders to create a thriving and sustainable economic environment. Jonas Titas elaborates, "We're a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a board of directors comprising government agencies, businesses, and educational institutions." This diverse board provides valuable input and direction for Victoria EDC's initiatives.

VEDC has expanded its reach recently, becoming a regional economic development organization. They have established contracts for service with communities beyond Victoria County, fostering partnerships with local governments in places like the cities of Edna and  Port Lavaca and Calhoun County. These partnerships enable the organization to leverage resources effectively and extend their impact.

The organization's collaboration extends to educational institutions like the local university and junior college. By working closely with these institutions, VEDC can ensure that the region's workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to attract and retain businesses.

VEDC's relentless dedication to its mission and collaborative approach with local stakeholders have made it a powerful force in driving economic development and job creation in Victoria, Texas. Through their remarkable achievements and partnerships, they have created economic opportunities and fostered a sustainable and thriving economic environment in the region. Victoria EDC is critical in ensuring a prosperous future for the Victoria Region and its residents.

VEDC is eager to help site selectors, investors, and businesses with the information, support, and tools necessary to choose the Victoria region for their next expansion project. We look forward to providing you with the critical information you need to make an informed, correct decision for your site location in the Victoria Region. Contact us for more information!